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Heyy peeps . Nice to meet you guys , babe . My name Nur Izzaty Yuhanis Bt Yusof . You can call me ezaty , anies or baby . Im totally single and still searching ^^. Im sweet 13 and school at laksamana . Who those that FAKE , HATE ME , FUCK ME , pleasee back off from my blog and who are you want to judge me ? . Thankk youu ;)ILAPYOUU ;D

Monday, 29 August 2011


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Assalamualaikum . dah lme kott tk update blog nie . first skali nk ucapkan selamat hari raye, maaf zahir dan batin . sorry if anis ade buat salah or silap . Halalkan salah silap yang terguris hati nd perasaan sesiape pon . k tuh jea . bye *mlas nk type lagii ^___^ gtg ! ly <3

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